Altos Computing CEO Sanjay Virnave shares insights on servers, security and sustainability

In an exclusive interview with TimesTech, Sanjay Virnave, Managing Director and Country Head of Altos Computing, delves into the various server offerings, security measures and sustainability initiatives that drive the company’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. customer

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TimesTech: Can you provide information on the types of servers offered by Altos Computing and how they differ in terms of performance and capabilities?

Mr Sanjay: At Altos, we offer a wide range of servers designed to meet different needs and performance requirements. Our server line includes Tower and Rack servers compatible with Intel and AMD platforms. Within the Tower server category, we serve educational institutions, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and branch offices with single-socket entry servers tailored to their specific needs. For more demanding workloads, we offer tower servers equipped with Intel Scalable processors, with dual sockets, hot-swappable features and redundant power supplies.

In the Rack server category, we offer options in 1U and 2U form factors, compatible with Intel and AMD processors. These versatile servers are suitable for hosting critical applications in data center (DC) and disaster recovery (DR) environments. In addition, we specialize in GPU servers designed for AI/ML workloads, equipped to handle GPU-intensive applications, meeting the growing demands of artificial intelligence and machine learning tasks.

Our server portfolio is designed to provide an end-to-end solution, meeting the needs of a diverse user base across multiple industries, whether for entry-level or high-performance computing needs. We have also started manufacturing servers and workstations in India under the Make in India initiatives as we bring high-end manufacturing capabilities to India.

TimesTech: Given the critical nature of applications that require high availability and data protection, how does Altos Computing ensure the reliability and security of its servers?

Mr Sanjay: Our commitment to security is reflected in the advanced tools and features built into Altos Servers. This includes the implementation of Silicon Root of Trust, which establishes a secure foundation in hardware, ensuring a secure root of trust for boot processes and overall system integrity. In addition, we include the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) on our servers, providing hardware-based security for cryptographic keys and safeguarding the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data.

To improve security and facilitate effective out-of-band management, Altos servers are equipped with the Motherboard Management Controller (BMC). This feature allows administrators to remotely monitor and manage server hardware, enabling quick responses to potential problems without compromising system availability.

By integrating these advanced security measures into our server design, Altos Computing is dedicated to providing a resilient and secure foundation for mission-critical applications. We prioritize meeting the stringent requirements of modern IT environments, where protecting data and maintaining high availability are primary concerns for our valued customers.

TimesTech: What energy efficiency features are included in Altos servers and how can they help organizations reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint?

Mr Sanjay: We pride ourselves on our commitment to energy efficiency, incorporating features that make a tangible difference in reducing energy consumption and reducing the carbon footprint of organizations. One of our key offerings is the integration of high efficiency power supplies, meeting 80 Plus Titanium and Platinum standards in Rack and Tower servers.

The reason for opting for power supplies with such high efficiency is simple, the lower the power consumption and heat generation, the better for the overall system. This not only results in cost savings by reducing energy usage, but also improves the longevity and reliability of the entire server system.

When organizations choose Altos Servers, they are making a conscious decision to embrace sustainability. Our servers not only meet performance expectations, but also contribute to environmental responsibility by reducing overall energy use.

TimesTech: With the growing demand for edge computing and IoT applications, how is Altos Computing addressing these trends and what kind of solutions does the company offer to support these use cases?

Mr Sanjay: We understand the evolving landscape of IT demands, especially with the rise of edge computing and the proliferation of IoT applications. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of these trends is reflected in the design and optimization of Altos servers, which are specifically designed to address the most demanding workloads in various computing environments.

From AI to edge workloads, high performance computing, data analytics and traditional business workloads, Altos servers are designed to excel in these domains. We recognize that these applications require not only power, but also efficiency, and that’s exactly what we deliver. Our servers provide energy-efficient solutions along with enhanced performance and scalability to meet the unique challenges posed by these dynamic workloads.

With edge computing and IoT applications, where agility and responsiveness are paramount, we offer a set of solutions that not only keep pace with the evolving landscape, but also provide the reliability and performance needed to have success. We’re not just dealing with trends; We are shaping the future of IT to empower organizations to navigate the complexities of today’s IT environments.

TimesTech: Could you elaborate on the partnerships that Altos has with other technology providers and service providers? How do these collaborations benefit Altos Computing customers?

Mr Sanjay: Our partnerships span the spectrum, covering all major technology providers globally. This includes a wide range of offerings on both Intel and AMD platforms, complemented by the power of NVIDIA GPUs. This combination of technologies allows us to offer optimal solutions for diverse use cases, from Data Center and Cloud Computing to High Performance Computing, Edge Computing and the complex fields of AI and Data Science.

In addition, our alliances with industry giants such as Microsoft, RedHat and VMware play a critical role in accelerating our customers’ IT transformation. These collaborations enable us to deliver robust solutions that align seamlessly with industry standards and evolving customer requirements.

Continuing our collaboration with key technology partners is integral to our approach. It serves as a conduit for innovation, allowing us to bring the latest technological advances to market. This dedication to collaboration and innovation translates into tangible benefits for our customers, ensuring they have access to state-of-the-art solutions that power their IT infrastructure.

TimesTech: In a competitive market, how does Altos Computing differentiate itself from other server providers in terms of performance, reliability, support and cost-effectiveness?

Mr Sanjay: In the competitive server market, Altos distinguishes itself by prioritizing performance, reliability, support and cost-effectiveness. Our servers are carefully designed to deliver competitive performance and meet various workload requirements with advanced processors, memory options and optimized storage technologies. We prioritize reliability through strict quality control measures, redundant components, fault-tolerant features and robust cooling systems, minimizing downtime for our customers.

Comprehensive support is a cornerstone of our commitment, offering technical assistance, troubleshooting and maintenance contracts. Our support team is trained to address issues quickly, ensuring minimal disruption and maximizing uptime. Altos positions itself as a cost-effective supplier, offering competitive prices without compromising quality and performance. Scalability and flexibility are integral, with scale-out features that allow organizations to scale their infrastructure as needed, contributing to long-term profitability. In addition, our commitment to innovation and technology adoption ensures that Altos servers remain at the forefront of advancements, providing solutions optimized for performance, energy efficiency and security..

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